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One Million Babies: An Adoption Story

Have you ever considered adopting a child?

For many centuries, the word, “adoption,” has struck fear in the hearts of most adults. Fear not! Adoption can be one of the most fulfilling and joyful experiences of an adult’s life. Through One Million Babies, Gale Duran tells the story of how a precious baby boy named “Jeb” was rescued out of a hopeless situation through adoption into a loving family. Through Jeb’s story, Gale applies her own experience with adopting and raising her own grandson to help educate you about the joys, challenges, and process of adoption. In the story, you’ll meet the boy’s mother, Shawna, a hurting woman who searched for “love in all the wrong places.” She conceives an unwanted child, gives birth to a baby boy. Just before Shawna abandons the baby, a compassionate and helpful woman named Lois intervenes and teaches Shawna about a better option: adoption. When Jeb is adopted by his loving family, you’ll find out what it is like inside a foster home for unwanted children. This book will help to open your eyes and your heart to the possibility of adopting a child, and you’ll feel more equipped to move forward in the process.

“With great clarity and amazing biblical principles, Duran explains how the adoption process works and how this decision will change your life, not just the life of the orphan. I highly recommend this book.”
                – Dr. Betsy Head

“Demonstrates how ‘Satan’s lies’ generate fear in your heart, making you think you cannot dedicate yourself to adopting a child. Duran shows how Jesus Christ remakes our lives around those fears, setting up his reign over our dedication, loyalty and affections for the orphan. One Million Babies is not just another novel.”
                – Dr. Steven A. Beebe, Professor/Author, Texas State University

“If you are struggling with a burden to adopt a child, perhaps you are listening to your fears and not to God. Duran explains the ups and downs of adoption in an amazing story of sacrifice and love for the unlovable, in a simple biblical manner of unconditional love for one another. She explains the blessings that follow. A must read for any Christian.”
                – Tom Fillinger, CEO, IgniteUS, Inc.

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